Friday, December 5, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. S's wedding

This is a 3 tier fondant cake that was simply elegant with white fondant and alternating white and violet fondant roses encircling the cake. This cake tried it's hardest to give me grief, but I didn't budge! The flowers took days to make (not hard at all, just time consuming), the top tier absolutely refused to be fondanted (only took 6 tries, never had that happen before, but I gave it a firm thrashing with my fondant roller and it decided to cooperate after that-LOL!), and it was raining when I was about to head out of town...which made the 2 hour delivery even longer! But all was a success and the cake was beautiful!!!?! LOL!

This one was done for the big game too but I have a feeling cake will be flying during the game at their house! LOL!! I'm sensing lots of rowdiness! I'm impartial on that one...I prefer UNC over both of them!

Game Day!

I made this one for the big game too for some friends of mine who were having a party that I had to miss in order to deliver the wedding cake out of town!

Tiger Paws

As I said I had to make two of these, but I'm only posting one picture since they obviously look the same. These were pretty big, big enough to feed over 30 people! I made the first one for my sister for her office party and when her boss spotted it, he put in a late request for another to take to the big game Saturday.

Thanksgiving Cake Challenge!!!

No, I'm not talking about FoodNetwork, just a personal challenge for myself with all the cakes I had around this holiday! It was Turkey Day vs. Game Day with a wedding to boot! I ended up doing 6 cakes (including a 3 tier wedding cake) between Tuesday and Saturday of Thanksgiving week. One simple round cake with fresh flowers arranged on it that I don't have a picture of, 2 huge Clemson paws, a Clemson football field, one "Family Divided", and of course the wedding cake. Not to mention the 80-something fondant roses I had to do that took days to make! All this with Turkey Day and Black Friday right in the middle...and ya'll know I shop till I drop on that day!!!! With a lot of planning, and my sister cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner without my help, it was all done without too many struggles for time...thank God!! Pictures to follow in next posts!

Last Minute!

I had delivered the cars cake and attended the party and before I got home that evening I got a desperate phone call from a friend for a last minute baby shower cake that needed to be ready by 10 the next morning! I said of course I can to it, so...Turtle Cakes to the rescue!


I did this cake for one of my students at the preschool I work at. Lightening McQueen is one of his faves and mine too so this was fun!